Trudy Silver

Trudy is an established New York pianist who has worked with an impressive array of cutting-edge collaborators, from Daniel Carter to Makanda Ken McIntyre, Newman Baker to Daniel Moreno.

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"Lady Got Chops Festival"

Trudy Silver, musician

"Damn the Rules!" with Anthony Braxton

Trudy Silver, musician

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Trudy Silver – Retrospective on Two Toy Pianos

Trudy SilVER in Conversation with Jane Spokenword. Podcast

featuring the Rising Together Guerrilla Theater

Joe Daley, tuba
Scottie Davis, actor
Leonid Galagavov, drums
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass
James Williams, actor
zool, actor
Pat Russell, actor
Kentucky Parkis, bass/actor
(You haven't seen this before!)

151 Ave C
$20 at the door

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Trudy SilVER in Conversation with Jane Spokenword. Podcast

Trudy SilVER in Conversation with Jane Spokenword. Podcast

Listen to the podcast here.

Also mentioned in WordCity Literary Journal. (M)othering, May 15, 2021

Trudy Silver – Fireside Melodica

Oklevueha Native American Church performance
Hillsdale, NY
September 5th, 2020

Trudy Silver & Scottie Davis – Women's Shelter Benefit

2019 Dissident Arts Festival

2019 Dissident Arts Festival

A Benefit for The Dwelling Place of New York

Trudy Silver
Beyond Group
Judy Gorman
Flames of Discontent
Zigi Lowenberg
Puma Perl & Friends
Rose Tang
Plus visual art by Christina Varga, Sherry Rubel, Denise Iacovene, Joff Wilson, and body art by tatoo artist Brigid Burke

Saturday October 5, 2019, 7-11pm
17 Frost Theatre & Gallery
17 Frost Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 Admission: $20 donation

Retoñan Las Flores y La Resistencia

A Night of Music, Poetry & Art
Saturday, June 1, 7–11 pm

FUNDRAISER for Student Strikers of the Great Strike of 2017, University of Puerto Rico

Joey de Jesus
Lenis Mariana
Melinda González
Nancy Mercado
Noel Quiñones
Urayoán Noel
Trudy Silver & Ras Moshé
DJ C-Diverse

Suggested donation $10 Delicious food & drink available at the café

5C Café & Cultural Center 68 Avenue C @ 5th Street, New York, NY

Donate online on GoFundMe

Trudy Silver’s Earth Celebration
with Daniel Carter, Alto Saxophone
“Sweet” Lee Odom, Alto Saxophone
Leonid Galaganov, drums

Sat May 11, 2019 1:30-2:30 PM — FREE
Park Tarque De Tranquilidad
Next to 310 E. 4th St.
between Ave. C & Ave. D

Let Yemen Live! Nonviolent Civil Disobedience at the United Nations

Let Yemen Live!
Nonviolent Civil Disobedience at the United Nations

10:00 am:
Gather at Ralph Bunche Park, 43rd Street & First Avenue, Manhattan
11:30 am:
March up First Avenue to 45th Street
Respectfully refuse to disperse from entrances to the US and Saudi Missions
—Let all sides observe the shaky truce and allow food, fuel and medical assistance to be delivered
—Cease all attacks on schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, and civilians
—End US drone strikes, US military assistance and arms sales to Saudi Arabia
—Let all sides refrain from war crimes and pursue a negotiated end to the war

Nearly all of the bombs that have fallen say the same thing: “Made in the United States of America.” They fall on weddings. They fall on hospitals and on homes. They fall on funerals, refugee camps, and school buses. It is an aerial bombing campaign that hammers children, families, and civilian neighborhoods every single day. The U.S. military has supported this reign of terror with logistics, intelligence, ground support, midair refueling of bombers, and the sale of bombs and munitions dropped on Yemen. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project estimates that more than 60,000 civilians and combatants have been killed in Yemen over the last 2 years. This total is increasing by more than 2,000 people every single month. 85,000 children under the age of 5 have died from hunger and disease; 18 million people there are food insecure; and 75 percent of Yemen’s population is in need of humanitarian assistance. The United Nations has said Yemen is suffering from the fastest growing cholera epidemic ever recorded, as well as the world’s biggest food emergency. These are not abstract numbers. These are human lives--tens of thousands of children lost.
—Representative James McGovern (Massachusetts), February 13, 2019

Endorsed by: Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Code Pink, War Resisters League, Benincasa Community, Peace Action NYS, Peace Action Bay Ridge, Kairos Community
For more information, contact Felton Davis, Catholic Worker (

This piece honors Lil and Jane and Abe, they put up with and encouraged my practicing at 6 am when I was a little girl.

Where's the Outrage?

Recorded at the 5C Café and Cultural Center, 21 Nov. 2015

Trudy Silver - ‘Where’s The Outrage?’ script, music/piano
Vincent Ivos - spoken word
Sanae Buck - dance
film by Jane Grenier
video by Orin Buck

John Pietaro Review

We opened this day with a jaw-dropping piece of multi-media art, downtown stalwart Trudy Silver's “Where's the Outrage?” There was nothing missing, from both an arts and political perspective as this presentation was performed in front of a screen projecting images of generations of fight-back. The musicians, speakers and dancer had largely interchangeable roles, producing a special new music performance art to life. It made me think of the 1930s workers' theatre productions I have studied for so long but one that straddled the eras of the '30s and the late '60s. The line-up was extensive but included the horns of Daniel Carter and Ras Moshe and the violin and voice of Rosi Hertlein—giants of our circle—and the spoken word/acting of Dixie Estes and a powerful cast.

Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

[Excerpt]...She has performed at jazz clubs (Knitting Factory, others) and radio stations in the U.S., Montreal, Quebec City, Venezuela, Germany and in Italy with her students. She performs with her students at Town Hall twice annually and has featured Booker T., Joseph Daly, Newman Baker, Sheila Brown, Will Connell and Gerard Faroux among others. She co-found the 5C Cultural Center in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan with her husband, Bruce Morris. Together they have produced over 400 events since 1995 featuring Makanda Ken McIntyre, Reggie Workman, Charles Persip, Andrew Lamb, Matthew Shipp, Leroy Jenkins among many others. She has performed and recorded with the late spoken word artist Cenen Moreno at Theater For the New City and for fundraisers for the radio station WBAI.


‘Trudy Silver is a pianist as well as a composer with extraordinary talent.’   Swing Journal, Japan

‘All in this album suggests a talent that shows artistic conviction.’   Ludwig Van Trikt, reviewer - Cadence Magazine

‘Ms. Silver has successfully transcended the frontiers of her classical European music education and learned to speak the jazz language without accent’   Playthell G. Benjamin, Village Voice, WBAI Radio host

‘Trudy Silver is very inspirational as a pianist…’   Ira L. Jeffries, New York Amsterdam News